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May 19, 2024

Web Developer, Graphic Artist, Cool Guy | SRV VIVID

Seems only fitting to build this out as a web page. Hang on, here we go!

About the gig…

SRV VIVID is in need of an inhouse/semi-remote web designer/developer graphic artsy type. Are you that person? Let’s find out…


Gen’ral “Stuff”

  • Hours: 8-5pm*
  • Days: Moanday through Friyay! **
  • Dress: corpie-casually…be comfortable but remember this is a place of work (no pajamas, your mom is watching)
  • Travel: Ummmmm, maybe
  • Rules: The Golden one and no half eaten sandwiches

* Typically the norm but if something’s on fire, your help may be needed…team player stuff.
** Again, typically SOP, but there may be a time your talents are needed outside the normal business week.


A Cultured Space (like cheese)

  • Our belief is when you provide people with leadership, a cool place to work, great equipment, a safe environment, and other “fun” like-minded people to spend 8hrs a day with, you have all the ingredients needed for success. When working at SRV, you will become an ingredient in our recipe for an enjoyable, productive, and happy work place. (Choose what ingredient you wanna be. Sorry, Cilantro is already taken.)


Skrillz needed (not limited to)

  • WordPress: knowledge of the platform, themes, plugins, etc.
  • HTML & CSS: gotta have some basics
  • Adobe: There are many but definitely need:
    • Photoshop
    • Indesign
    • Illustrator
    • PDF
    • Dreamweaver (level up and earn a Scooby snack)
  • Microsoft: Word & Excel fo sho and maybe some Powerpoint (maybe)
  • Mac OS: Macs prefered but I guess we could find you a PC
  • Odds & Ends:
    • Be able to think outside the norm…boxes are normal, we’re talking Dodecahedron shapes here. (Learn More)
    • We like figure-outers!
    • Be resourceful…Google is your friend
    • A background in the sign/print industry could earn you points
    • Photography and video is guud.
    • Social Media mastery NOT required but helpful
    • Knowledge of wine and tequila
    • Culinary arts a plus
    • Healthy lifestyle – mind, body, and soul
    • Musically inclined and/or talented (we need a drummer and bass player)



  • Health: Health Insurance with eye, dental, and prescription card
  • Retirement: 401K – up to 3% matching
  • Holidays: Paid
  • Vacation: 2+ weeks /yr
  • PTO: negotiable
  • Remote: YES!….pick one day a week and work from wherever (you can wear pajamas then – ha!)


Must Be Da Mon-ay!

  • Base: 60K /yr
  • Pay Day: Every two weeks/direct deposit
  • Bonus: 10% Profit Sharing (when there’s profit) – paid quarterly


In closing…

This is just the start, the rest we’ll make up as we go.

Don’t love everything you see, lets haggle…Compromise thru Communication.

Good luck, May the force be with you, & Nanu Nanu.


Looks pretty good to me.

SRV VIVID Representative





Danger Will Robinson...

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If this “triggers” you (sigh), then maybe, just maybe, stop reading and exit the webpage.
If not, by all means, ROCK ON and enjoy!


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